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As a part of Kolkata Initiatives we have already begun community assessment through regular conversations..

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Shivani Haldar has been a member of Notun Dal for the past four years. She is twenty years old..

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We are conducting a donation drive for furniture for our drop in center at Shahid Smriti.

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Kolkata is a city which leaves her impress on anyone who has ever been associated with her. One can call it home, or a stop in a journey or even a distant dreamland. The City of Joy builds its roots in the hearts of those who are both far and near her. Yet our city has 22% of its urban population living below poverty line with an average per capita income of Rs 27 (2011 Census). The population of slum dwellers in Kolkata is the second highest among all metros with 33% living in slums (Report of the Committee on Slum Census, 2011). We at Kolkata Initiatives are striving to decrease the gap between the urban rich and poor in Kolkata. To this end we welcome contributions from all those who feel connected to Kolkata whether it is in body or spirit, irrespective of where they are.

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